Created by a mom who knows ....

Contrary to what I like to believe my two teenagers think about me, I do NOT know everything!  

However, as their schoolwork started ramping up following the pandemic and "online" assignments started to slip through the cracks, I decided to buy them academic planners similar to the one I remember using in high school. 

I found a variety of planners, but none that were like the one I remembered, and my search for that exact format led me down a rabbit hole of developmental exploration from which I emerged with certainty about this single, life-changing truth:success - at anything in life - starts with executive function.

(And, also: I was going to have to recreate the planner myself.)

Executive functioning skills influence the behaviors that are required to plan and achieve goals. These skills include adaptable thinking, planning, self-monitoring, self-control, working memory, time management, and organization. They are competencies that are essential to a child’s growth and learning ability, and though development begins in early childhood,these skills continue to develop well into adulthood.

Middle schoolers' and high schoolers' brains are still developing, and they are still honing the executive functioning skills they'll need to succeed in life.   

Hand writing their assignments and related notes into a planner (as opposed to typing them in to an app) activates more of their brain and uses more complex motor skills than typing, improves reading fluency and ultimately creates a stronger connection to whatever it is the student is writing, helping them to remember it better. 

Viewing their assignments and activities within the context of a weekly timeline enables students to see their key due dates and weekly goals and use each day of the week as an individual step toward that goal, training their minds think incrementally.  

It was suddenly clear to me why I was so attached to that high school planner format: because what made it great for ALL developing brains is what also made it a LIFELINE for students like me, who needed EXTRA support in the area of executive function. 

And the rest, as they say, is history .... I figured I'd make it colorful and engaging while I was at it, and threw in a couple of other fun embellishments (**STICKERS!!**) and the Goal-Getter Academic Success Planner was born.