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Goal-Getter TRIMESTER Planner | CAMO Series Book 3

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A school/life planner that your learner will LOVE to use and will help them feel empowered while developing their executive function and time management skills, making it ideal for all students - including those with ADHD.

The aesthetically pleasing, 2-page-per-week organizer helps students visualize their tasks each day through a horizontal, color-coded layout that breaks down each day by subject, not time slot.

This format helps learners approach each day with a clear understanding of what needs to get done, and trains them to plan ahead so they are never again caught off-guard by a homework assignment, quiz, project, permission slip, etc.

The 2-page-per week agenda includes sections for before and after school daily, as well as a Habit Tracker, Priority Checklist, a section for weekly reflections/personal development AND room to plan weekend activities.


  • Class Information page
  • Trimester Goal Planner
  • 14 Weeks of Agenda Pages (covers a typical school trimester of 12 weeks)
    • Daily space for before and after school activities/ planning
    • Color-coded sections for up to 6 subjects/ classes
    • Weekly Habit Tracker
    • Weekly Priority Checklist
    • Weekly Reflections/ Personal Development Questions
    • Weekend Planning Area

Size: 7"x10"

Great for All Learning Styles

Develops executive function, time management skills and independence in students