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Little Book of Lists: A Checklist Journal for To Do Lists | Collect and Organize Tasks and Ideas In A Convenient, Purse-Sized Checklist Notebook ... Planner for ADHD and Executive Function

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A Checklist Journal for To Do Lists ?  YES PLEASE!!

This unique collection of colorful, blank checklists organized into a 6x9" journal is a convenient, purse-sized notebook that can go anywhere with you and always be available for capturing genius ideas and/or ensuring that you are always on top of your ever-evolving to-do's!  The lists are grouped by color which you can assign to a category (i.e. Groceries or Birthday Gifts) or a household member (i.e. one for each child) so you can keep multiple lists organized and together in the same journal.

Includes 60 pages of lists with 2 lists per page.

NEWLY-UPDATED to include a coil binding, so it will easily lie flat or can remain open to a particular list!